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PDF Data Extractor - Tudicula is the first and most advanced software of new concept available for intelligent document processing. It allows you to quickly increase business efficiency by automating data extraction directly from electronic documents in PDF format that you already receive, for example, by e-mail.

The application is specialized for automatic processing of business documents such as invoices, orders, tables, lists, catalogs ... but it is usable for any type of PDF document.

All data that you need will be extracted and converted into
logically structured XML format to be easily imported on your management software, document storage, e-commerce and much more.


Here is a logical shema of its behavior:


Tudicula Schema


If you spend at least 2 hours weekly on data entry, Tudicula - PDF Data Extractor is the right solution for you; you will save all the time wasted to perform mechanical and repetitive tasks.

<< New >> Is now possible to automate the extraction of data also from tables both in fixed or in variable position with both a fixed number of detail rows or a variable one (for i.e. from an invoice, a printout or a price list).


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