About us

Info Progetti S.rLogoIP.l. is a company that provides IT services and consulting.

From more than 10 years  it is up to date in building systems for document management, electronic forms, capturing of variable data and management of all involved processes.

We use the best technological platforms available on the market and we can find the proper solution also for the most complex neeeds.

Our mission is to give customers turnkey solutions to optimize efficiency of business and cutting costs of time to market with a remarkable return of investment in the short period.

We give a sode by side support tio the customer starting from the definition of the IT architecture, to development, startup and live or remote maintenence of systems ands services. 

Our document management systems are always aligned with current italian laws.

We offer services for project management, maintenance of network infrastructure, solutions for IT security.

Our offer also includes hardware and software products and qualified services of training and support.

Since 2004 we develope solutions for large volumes document production and of their format conversion using the well known platform Compart DocBridge.

Since 2007 we are Adobe Solution Partner and we are qualified to offer Enterprose solutions based on Adobe Livecycle. We are reference partner for the migration of documrnt management solutions based on Adobe Central / Accelio Central / JetForm Central to Adobe LiveCycle platform and technology.

Since 2011 we are Adobe Business Partner for Adobe Livecycle & Day platform and we are member of Adobe Solution Partner Program.

Since 2015 we are Objectif Lune Strategic Partner for high innovative solutions of Digital Communication.

We resell enterprise software products and we can offer solutions based on technologies created by world market leader companies in their area.

We created selected partnerships in environment like multimedia, web design, graphic and e-commerce in order to be able to cover all possible areas with high level services and professional technicians.