Dario Ghiringhelli


Administrator and Executive Manager - Info Progetti S.r.l.
Projects and development Manager


Born in 1964, Dario Ghiringhelli, is the founder of Info Progetti S.r.l. and is the CEO of the company since his constitution in 2001.

He began to work in the IT market immediately after his high-school diploma in Information Technology. He then graduated in Mathematics at the Milan University.

From 1993 to 1994 he works for the company Cortis/Lentini S.p.a. and belongs to a technical group of people that was created for the new offers in the PC area.

In 1995 starts his new activity as free lance offering IT services and in 1998 he found the company Eagle Progetti S.n.c.. until his dissolution occured with the establishment of the new company Info Progetti S.r.l..

Since more than 10 years he works mainly on document production and management systems often covering the role of project leader.

During his career he worked - among others - on microprocessor programming at machine level, on administration and developement of electronic telephone exchange, on design and management of LANs, on creation of electronic mail systems and on developement of new applications.

From 1992 to 1996 he worked for the "Brera Astronomical Observatory" developing numerical methods to apply differential calculus to the asteroids orbit. The results of these solutions were published on international papers and on referees of applied astronomy.

From 1995 to 1999 he taught "Data analysis and applied statistics" at "Quantitative Methods Department" of the "Business Economics Faculty" of Milan University. For the same University he held technical corses about the application of computer machines to the "Marketing techniques and Market research".

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