Adobe Systems

From over 25 years Adobe Systems is changing the way in which people use ideas and information offering technologies that redesign personal, business and entertainment communications. Starting from the complex images for printing to video and dynamic digital content for various type of devices, the impact of Adobe solutions is evident for companies and is perceived by anyone that create, view or interact with information. 

Adobe solutions play a fundamental role in the creation of intriguing contents and in their distribution to a big variety of deviaces, thanks also to the free software Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash Player, already installed on hunderds of millions computers, mobile phones and smart devices all over the world so allowing people to use and exchange information and news across the web and to use company applications. 

Moreover, Adobe solutions help employees and companies to improve productivity, cooperation and internal and external processes. With Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) format, Adobe drastically changed cooperation and data sharing, transforming the way to communicate through electronioc documents. With Adobe LiveCycle ES platform it is also possible to manage processes and services, simplify the creation and distribution - inside and outside the company - of advanced and fascinating applications that help improving processes and their conformity to laws and rules. 

Adobe solutions are used by the most important companies and organizations in many market segments as publishing, Public Administration, finance, telecommunication and education.