Compart DocBridge Mill

Info Progetti S.r.l. is italian reseller and certfied technological partner of Compart AG, leader company in the development of products for the massive conversion - to and from almost any file format - of documents and documents flows.

DocBridge Mill Plus, the new comer of DocBridge products family, is a scalable and platform independent software for the conversion of documents formats. It analyzes, modifies, splits, distributes classifies and indexes input data and converts them in the desired output formats.

Compart Architecture

A complex process can be subdivided in simpler single steps which can then be tied together in a single workflow using a drag&drop user interface. This interface also allows to directly test the just defined work flows so increasing their reliability and drastically reducing errors while in production.

These are the supported formats:

Docbridge Matrix Conversion

but their number is constantly increasing.

For more info or in case you don't see the format you need, please do not hesitate to contact us.